'Something Borrowed' Inventory

The Steel Barn Event Center offers a unique option for couples getting married at our venue to use any of the following inventory items for free on their wedding day. Please note that these items may not be taken offsite and are not available to rent for use outside of our venue.

The follow items are available as of January 2020 at The Steel Barn. Please note that because many of these items are one of a kind, it is possible that they could be broken or accidentally taken by another wedding. We will do our best to keep our inventory up to date, but please note inventory may vary slightly.

Directions: (Please read!)

1. Review the inventory and add items to your cart that are sure you will utilize on your big day.

2. Please make sure quantities match what is available and how many you are adding to your planner.

3. Your inventory selections must be submitted no later than the date listed in your online planner.

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