How exciting!!  Can you even believe it? It’s time to finally start planning your #bestdayever.


You know what you’re looking for in your search of Tulsa Wedding Venues, but finding it is proving

more challenging than you expected.

You want:


·      A stunning all in one ceremony and reception venue 

·      An exceptional bridal suite 

·      Included adorable décor options ✓

·      Central heating and cooling (the weather is unpredictable sometimes!) 

·      A venue that allows you to choose your own licensed and insured vendors 

·      And you really want all of this to fit in your budget ✓


Well, settle in and look around, you’ll find all of that and much more here at the Steel Barn Event Center.



Get Started Planning:


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7440 E. 340 Road

Talala, OK 74080

(918) 814-2456

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