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How exciting!!  Can you even believe it? It’s time to finally start planning your #bestdayever.


You know what you’re looking for in your search of Tulsa Wedding Venues, but finding it is proving

more challenging than you expected.

You want:


·      A stunning all in one ceremony and reception venue ✓

·      An exceptional bridal suite ✓

·      Included adorable décor options

·      Central heating and cooling (the weather is unpredictable sometimes!) ✓

·      A venue that allows you to choose your own licensed and insured vendors

·      And you really want all of this to fit in your budget


Well, settle in and look around, you’ll find all of that and much more here at the Steel Barn Event Center.


Get Started Planning:


1.     Check pricing

2.     See available dates

3.     View our gallery

4.     Schedule a tour


7440 E. 340 Road

Talala, OK 74080

(918) 814-2456

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